Cindy Sales is a life-long artist who has has been captivated with art since childhood. Artistic expression has always been at the core of her being, and the proof lies in the drawings of her grandmother created as a child, to the beautiful paintings that now are displayed with love on the walls of the family home.

Cindy’s mastery of sculpture aided by her love of working in clay was initially expressed by the sculpting of monkeys and monkey babies, She then expanded her skills and branched off into the art form known as reborning babies – reborn dolls. With her experienced talent honed to a fine edge, Cindy has developed her own style, which you can witness directly by her reborn dolls.

While the demands of being a loving mother of three teenagers keeps her schedule full, Cindy manages to maintain an active life with all the challenges three teenagers bring in addition to her artistic endeavors.

Cindy began her online artistic career on eBay in June 2007 selling her line of hand crafted doll house furniture and one-inch hand sculpted babies with help from her mother Joanne Mann, a lifelong artist also. To this day, Cindy and Joanne are very active and popular artists selling their OOAK originals on eBay under their business name of JoGranny1955.

Cindy was commissioned and signed as an artist by Elena Goodson, owner of in 2008. Cindy went into “artistic over-drive” producing one-of-a-kind (OOAK) originals for to manufacture and distribute, as well as maintaining a close friendship with owner Elena. A total of four of Cindy’s original sculptures were produced and sold through Cindy had 7 more works of art commissioned when Elena began her fight with cancer, a fight that she would eventually lose in September of 2010.

Cindy’s love of art and creativity is constantly pushing her sculpting and reborning to higher levels of beauty, realism and originality. As a result, Cindy has developed a very loyal group of clients and collectors who absolutely adore her work, and are continually wanting more!

The challenge to continually develop new and exciting works as well as keeping up with the many requests for various other sculpted animals keeps Cindy a happy and busy artist to this day.