I have wanted to get this going for a while, so sorry to my friends and customers who have been checking in to see when I would get around to doing it.

So I guess here we go…. The general over view of my day- It usually starts around 6:00 am if I’m lucky 6:45 bad days see me up at 5:00 :-P. I managed to get buy for 36 years without coffee then my husband got me started a year and a half ago, so now its one cup in the morning for me with my I Pad on my lap and the morning news. Once the caffeine has done its job I start the task of answering all the eBay questions I received over night, and let me tell ya there’s some crazy ones (but that’s another blog in the future) and watch my 2 teen boys get ready for high school which means a heavy smell of axe body spray waifing through the house for about 20 minutes.

When the door closes and they are off to school I generally review what I currently have listed on eBay then pick out what kits I’ m going to make for the day. All then men in the house tease me and call me gender bi ass as I tend to make more girls than boys I’m sure there is no truth to that lol. Once the babies and monkeys are picked out I trug out the two breakfasts in bed trays I have full of geniuses paint and brushes and begin my day.

Blotting, baking, painting, baking, texture, baking, detailing, baking, blushing, baking, veining. I try every day to get 5 done some-days it’s hard to push through 3 some days. In between all those steps my break comes time to shower then I will list (whew) I try to do that at 10:30am.

As soon as that is finished the sun light in my home is best at around this time so I start taking pictures of the babies and monkeys that I finished the day before to put on for tomorrow. Taking pictures is very time consuming some times 2 plus hours a day but after that break time!!!! Lunch a quick sandwich and the best thing on earth Pepsi it gets me through the day :-).

Now it’s on to shipping labels for all the babies and monkeys with new homes it’s time to go! I have a room in our house just for completed babies, monkeys, shipping and 1/4 of my toys and stuff for them. We probably have one of the few houses with a crib set up and fully decked out without grand kids or a baby!!! 3 rooms and two closets all devoted to baby and monkey stuff. While my husband packages them up for their new home, I stop to answer new questions and finish anything that I didn’t get done prior to listing its now about 1:00pm on a good day.

Now I start rooting and rooting and rooting and rooting uuughhhh and rooting. Here is where my day seems so loooooong. Our boys get home from school at 3:00pm I’m rooting (putting the hair in the babies and monkeys) my husband and son head out to our post office 9.5 miles away to make sure all the new little ones get on the way to their new home. p.s. I’m still rooting.

I have to eat by 5:00 pm every day or I become not a nice person, I’m sure my husband would pick different words for that time of day lol once he is back from shipping he is off to the grocery store as we shop for dinner day today (I hate trying to decide what I want for a whole week in advance let alone 2 weeks) we he gets back yes I’m rooting and starts on dinner and I think is more conscious of 5 pm than me. Break time diner with the family (which also is another blog).

5:30 more rooting which will continue until about 6:00 or 6:30 :p. Now it’s time to tip, gloss eyes, nails and lips. Now on to assembly drag out the bucket of glass beads, stuffing, bodies, spray glue and zip ties that’s about hour (if the bodies were made better it would be about 30 minutes but that’s another blog). Now on to my favorite time of the day DRESSING them (between the 2 closets I have over 250 outfits to choose from that comes from my retail therapy on my day off also another blog), hair barrette’s and haircuts! The most over used words by me from here on out are cute, adorable, precious and ohh she looks sweet. My day usually wraps up between 8 and 9:00pm. Just in time for some relaxation and to fall asleep on the couch. So there is my day and here is one fun fact I only have 2 reborn babies both made by me, 6 monkeys 4 from my Ashton Drake sculpts made into babies and 2 of my sculpts made into kits by Bloomer And Bows owned by Elena who discovered me on eBay almost six years ago and became a close friend.

I am going to try to do something every other day here but not so long, I really don’t know how this goes so I guess (my favorite purses also) I try to retort on what interest me and hopefully you also. Please feel free to send pics of your new babies and monkeys as I will be putting them under the new parent’s page on my site. I also plan to put one custom baby, monkey or sculpt on my web page once a month for only for my friends and customers that follow my web page which reminds me…

Also one quick thanks to Dan Morton owner of Fairlane web Consulting all the wonderful pages you see on my site where done by him! He dragged me into 2012 next he is going to teach me how to tweet so anything crazy or new I come up with, all who follow will know before I list it. Thanks Dan now get working on how I can sell on custom baby a month on the site… slacker